The features of Welding Automation Equipment

31 Jul 2018 21:45

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The metal fabrication industry is witnessing completely new challenges at each step owing to the increasing need for people to deliver quality at reasonable price. While sticking to the buyer goals, companies operating in this subject must also follow productivity and profitability because of their own home based business. While dearth of skilled workforce produces a hindrance within the productivity, the vicious competition from rival service providers affects profitability to some great extent. Notably, adopting automation in welding can help you in meeting these challenges appreciably.

What exactly is welding automation? Because the name suggests, the terms indicates the usage of modern and advanced machines to do complex welding processes. These efforts are often challenging to do manually and in addition follow a majority of time. Consequently, companies buying the upscale welding automation equipment, benefit heavily regarding production, quality, and capacity. The new welding machines stick to the client's need for manufacturing a bulk of automated and mechanized welding applications, to assist them develop a special system.


Classification and benefits. Generally, welding automation contains two classes - semi automatic & fully automatic. Semi automatic welding automation: It needs an operator to load machines parts in the welding fixture prior to weld controller performs necessary tasks. The operator is also in charge of detaching the complete assembly as soon as the welding task has ended.

Fully automatic welding: This requires the use of compilation of machines to complete the welding task from a to z. However, presence of a machine operator can still be necessary, be subject to the sort of operation.

The advantages of employing this advanced technology are many. Using welding automation equipment, you are making sure:

Enhanced quality of welding: Satisfies the standards of weld integrity and repeatability

Noticeable rise in output: Results as a result of reduction of human intervention from your welding tasks

Reduction scrap: Monetary savings in scrap defend acquisition of automated welding system

Loss of labor cost: Less attachment to human welders reduces labor cost

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